May 4 Birthdays

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May 4th, 1994 (May 04 1994)BirthPauline Ducruet, daughter of HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco
May 4th, 1994 (May 04 1994)BirthAlexander Gould, American actor
May 4th, 1992 (May 04 1992)BirthCourtney Jines, American actress
May 4th, 1987 (May 04 1987)BirthCesc Fabregas, Spanish footballer
May 4th, 1987 (May 04 1987)BirthJorge Lorenzo, Spanish motorcycle racer
May 4th, 1987 (May 04 1987)BirthAnjeza Shahini, Albanian singer
May 4th, 1985 (May 04 1985)BirthAnthony Fedorov, American singer
May 4th, 1985 (May 04 1985)BirthRavinder Bopara, English cricketer
May 4th, 1984 (May 04 1984)BirthManjural Islam, Bangladeshi test cricket player (died in 2007)
May 4th, 1984 (May 04 1984)BirthKevin Slowey, American baseball player
May 4th, 1984 (May 04 1984)BirthMontell Owens, American football player
May 4th, 1983 (May 04 1983)BirthTrisha Krishnan, Indian actress
May 4th, 1983 (May 04 1983)BirthDerek Roy, Canadian ice hockey player
May 4th, 1982 (May 04 1982)BirthKleopas Giannou, Greek footballer
May 4th, 1982 (May 04 1982)BirthHector King, Mexican singer-songwriter
May 4th, 1982 (May 04 1982)BirthMarkus Rogan, Austrian swimmer
May 4th, 1982 (May 04 1982)BirthRasheeda,American hiphop singer
May 4th, 1981 (May 04 1981)BirthEric Djemba-Djemba, Cameroon footballer
May 4th, 1980 (May 04 1980)BirthAndrew Raycroft, NHL goalie
May 4th, 1979 (May 04 1979)BirthLance Bass, American singer (*NSYNC)
May 4th, 1979 (May 04 1979)BirthWes Butters, British broadcaster
May 4th, 1979 (May 04 1979)BirthLesley Vainikolo, Tongan born rugby union and rugby league player
May 4th, 1978 (May 04 1978)BirthShaenon K. Garrity, American webcomics writer and artist
May 4th, 1977 (May 04 1977)BirthEmily Perkins, Canadian actress
May 4th, 1977 (May 04 1977)BirthMariano Pernia, Argentine-Spanish footballer
May 4th, 1976 (May 04 1976)BirthBen Grieve, American baseball player
May 4th, 1976 (May 04 1976)BirthJason Michaels, American baseball player
May 4th, 1975 (May 04 1975)BirthLaci Peterson, American murder victim (died in 2002)
May 4th, 1974 (May 04 1974)BirthMiguel Cairo, Venezuelan baseball player
May 4th, 1973 (May 04 1973)BirthGuillermo Barros Schelotto, Argentine footballer
May 4th, 1973 (May 04 1973)BirthJohn Madden, Canadian ice hockey player
May 4th, 1972 (May 04 1972)BirthManny Aybar, Dominican baseball player
May 4th, 1972 (May 04 1972)BirthMike Dirnt, American musician (Green Day)
May 4th, 1972 (May 04 1972)BirthChris Tomlin, American musician
May 4th, 1971 (May 04 1971)BirthJoe Borowski, American baseball player
May 4th, 1971 (May 04 1971)BirthLuiz Garcia, Jr., Brazilian racing driver
May 4th, 1970 (May 04 1970)BirthGregg Alexander, American musician (New Radicals)
May 4th, 1969 (May 04 1969)BirthMicah Aivazoff, Canadian ice hockey player
May 4th, 1969 (May 04 1969)BirthRyan Shamrock, American wrestling valet
May 4th, 1968 (May 04 1968)BirthJulian Barratt, English comedian and musician, one half of The Mighty Boosh Julian Quotes
May 4th, 1967 (May 04 1967)BirthAna Gasteyer, American actress
May 4th, 1967 (May 04 1967)BirthKate Garraway, English GMTV Presenter
May 4th, 1966 (May 04 1966)BirthJane McGrath, co-founder of the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer (died in 2008)
May 4th, 1964 (May 04 1964)BirthMonica Bardem, Spanish actress
May 4th, 1964 (May 04 1964)BirthZsuzsa Mathe, Hungarian painter and visual artist, founder of transrealism
May 4th, 1964 (May 04 1964)BirthRocco Siffredi, Italian porn actor
May 4th, 1962 (May 04 1962)BirthOleta Adams, American singer
May 4th, 1961 (May 04 1961)BirthLuis Herrera, Colombian cyclist
May 4th, 1961 (May 04 1961)BirthJay Aston, British singer, star of Bucks Fizz
May 4th, 1961 (May 04 1961)BirthIshita Bhaduri, Indian (Bengali) Poet
May 4th, 1960 (May 04 1960)BirthAndrew Denton, Australian television presenter and comedian
May 4th, 1959 (May 04 1959)BirthScott Armstrong, American professional wrestling referee
May 4th, 1959 (May 04 1959)BirthRandy Travis, American musician
May 4th, 1958 (May 04 1958)BirthDelbert Fowler, American and Canadian professional football player
May 4th, 1958 (May 04 1958)BirthKeith Haring, American graphical artist (died in 1990)
May 4th, 1956 (May 04 1956)BirthDavid Guterson, American author
May 4th, 1956 (May 04 1956)BirthUlrike Meyfarth, German athlete
May 4th, 1956 (May 04 1956)BirthKen Oberkfell, American baseball player
May 4th, 1955 (May 04 1955)BirthRobert Ellis Orrall, American singer
May 4th, 1954 (May 04 1954)BirthPia Zadora, American actress
May 4th, 1952 (May 04 1952)BirthMichael Barrymore, English comedian, actor, quiz master and entertainer
May 4th, 1951 (May 04 1951)BirthColin Bass, British bassist (Camel)
May 4th, 1951 (May 04 1951)BirthJackie Jackson, American singer and musician (The Jackson 5)
May 4th, 1951 (May 04 1951)BirthGerard Jugnot, French actor, film director, screenwriter and producer
May 4th, 1951 (May 04 1951)BirthMick Mars, American guitarist (Motley Crue)
May 4th, 1950 (May 04 1950)BirthDarryl Hunt, English musician (The Pogues)
May 4th, 1949 (May 04 1949)BirthJohn Force, American race car driver
May 4th, 1949 (May 04 1949)BirthStella Parton, American country music singer
May 4th, 1949 (May 04 1949)BirthGraham Swift, British author
May 4th, 1948 (May 04 1948)BirthHurley Haywood, American race car driver, and three-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans
May 4th, 1946 (May 04 1946)BirthJohn Watson, Northern Irish racecar driver
May 4th, 1946 (May 04 1946)BirthGary Bauer conservative American politician, former presidential candidate
May 4th, 1945 (May 04 1945)BirthNarasimhan Ram, Indian journalist
May 4th, 1944 (May 04 1944)BirthRoger Rees, British-born actor
May 4th, 1943 (May 04 1943)BirthMikhail Chemiakin, Russian painter
May 4th, 1942 (May 04 1942)BirthNickolas Ashford, American record producer, songwriter, and musician (Ashford and Simpson)
May 4th, 1941 (May 04 1941)BirthGeorge Will, American writer
May 4th, 1940 (May 04 1940)BirthRobin Cook, American novelist
May 4th, 1939 (May 04 1939)BirthPaul Gleason, American actor (died in 2006)
May 4th, 1939 (May 04 1939)BirthAmos Oz, Israeli writer, novelist, and journalist
May 4th, 1939 (May 04 1939)BirthLeon Rochefort, Quebec ice hockey player
May 4th, 1938 (May 04 1938)BirthTyrone Davis, American soul singer (died in 2005)
May 4th, 1938 (May 04 1938)BirthCarlos Monsivais, Mexican writer
May 4th, 1937 (May 04 1937)BirthRon Carter, American jazz bassist
May 4th, 1937 (May 04 1937)BirthDick Dale, American guitarist
May 4th, 1937 (May 04 1937)BirthMr. Fuji, Former professional wrestler
May 4th, 1936 (May 04 1936)BirthEl Cordobes, Spanish matador
May 4th, 1933 (May 04 1933)BirthJ. Fred Duckett, Texan sports announcer and teacher
May 4th, 1931 (May 04 1931)BirthGennady Rozhdestvensky, Russian conductor
May 4th, 1931 (May 04 1931)BirthThomas Stuttaford, British doctor and writer
May 4th, 1930 (May 04 1930)BirthRoberta Peters, American soprano
May 4th, 1930 (May 04 1930)BirthKatherine Jackson, mother of the Jackson musical family
May 4th, 1929 (May 04 1929)BirthAudrey Hepburn, Anglo-Dutch actress (died in 1993)Audrey Hepburn Quotes
May 4th, 1929 (May 04 1929)BirthSidney Lamb, American linguist
May 4th, 1928 (May 04 1928)BirthMaynard Ferguson, Canadian musician (died in 2006)
May 4th, 1928 (May 04 1928)BirthHosni Mubarak, President of Egypt
May 4th, 1928 (May 04 1928)BirthWolfgang von Trips, German racing driver (died in 1961)
May 4th, 1925 (May 04 1925)BirthMaurice R. Greenberg, American businessman
May 4th, 1923 (May 04 1923)BirthEd Cassidy, American musician (Spirit)
May 4th, 1923 (May 04 1923)BirthEric Sykes, British actor and comedian
May 4th, 1923 (May 04 1923)BirthGodfrey Quigley, British actor (died in 1994)
May 4th, 1923 (May 04 1923)BirthAssi Rahbani, Lebanese composer and author
May 4th, 1921 (May 04 1921)BirthEdo Murtic, Croatian painter (died in 2005)
May 4th, 1919 (May 04 1919)BirthDory Funk, Professional wrestler (died in 1973)
May 4th, 1918 (May 04 1918)BirthTanaka Kakuei, Japanese political leader (died in 1993)
May 4th, 1918 (May 04 1918)BirthThomas Mead, Australian politician and journalist (died in 2004)
May 4th, 1916 (May 04 1916)BirthJane Jacobs, American-Canadian author and activist (died in 2006)
May 4th, 1913 (May 04 1913)BirthLady Katherine Brandram, nee Princess of Greece and Denmark
May 4th, 1908 (May 04 1908)BirthGiovannino Guareschi, Italian journalist (died in 1968)
May 4th, 1907 (May 04 1907)BirthLincoln Kirstein, American impresario (died in 1996)
May 4th, 1904 (May 04 1904)BirthUmm Kulthum, Egyptian singer (official Date of Birth) (died in 1975)
May 4th, 1903 (May 04 1903)BirthLuther Adler, American stage actor (died in 1984)
May 4th, 1889 (May 04 1889)BirthFrancis Cardinal Spellman, American religious leader (died in 1967)
May 4th, 1873 (May 04 1873)BirthJoe De Grasse, Canadian film director (died in 1940)
May 4th, 1870 (May 04 1870)BirthAlexandre Benois, Russian artist (died in 1960)
May 4th, 1864 (May 04 1864)BirthMarie Booth, the third daughter of William and Catherine Booth (died in 1937)William Booth Quotes
May 4th, 1852 (May 04 1852)BirthAlice Pleasance Liddell, English schoolgirl model for Alice in Wonderland (died in 1934)
May 4th, 1827 (May 04 1827)BirthJohn Hanning Speke, British explorer (died in 1864)
May 4th, 1826 (May 04 1826)BirthFrederic Edwin Church, American painter (died in 1900)
May 4th, 1825 (May 04 1825)BirthThomas Henry Huxley, English scientist (died in 1895)Thomas Henry Huxley Quotes
May 4th, 1825 (May 04 1825)BirthAugustus Le Plongeon, French antiquitarian (died in 1908)
May 4th, 1822 (May 04 1822)BirthCharles Boucher de Boucherville, Quebec politician (died in 1915)
May 4th, 1820 (May 04 1820)BirthJulia Tyler, First Lady of the United States (died in 1889)
May 4th, 1796 (May 04 1796)BirthHorace Mann, American educator (died in 1859)Horace Mann Quotes
May 4th, 1796 (May 04 1796)BirthWilliam H. Prescott, American historian (died in 1859)
May 4th, 1781 (May 04 1781)BirthKarl Christian Friedrich Krause, German philosopher (died in 1832)Karl Kraus Quotes
May 4th, 1772 (May 04 1772)BirthFriedrich Arnold Brockhaus, German publisher (died in 1823)
May 4th, 1767 (May 04 1767)BirthTyagaraja, Composer of Indian classical Carnatic music (died in 1847)
May 4th, 1752 (May 04 1752)BirthJohn Brooks, 11th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1825)
May 4th, 1733 (May 04 1733)BirthJean-Charles de Borda, French mathematician, physicist, political scientist, and sailor (died in 1799)
May 4th, 1715 (May 04 1715)BirthRichard Graves, English writer (died in 1804)
May 4th, 1655 (May 04 1655)BirthBartolomeo Cristofori, Italian maker of musical instruments (died in 1731)
May 4th, 1654 (May 04 1654)BirthKangxi Emperor of China (died in 1722)
May 4th, 1008 (May 04 1008)BirthKhajeh Abdollah Ansari, The Persian Sufi (died in 1088)
May 4th, 1008 (May 04 1008)BirthKing Henry I of France (died in 1060)

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